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Our call for endorsements received almost 500 responses, including prominent labor officials and nationally recognized leaders of progressive political campaigns.


Nationalization: To Be or Not To Be? By Bill Leumer

ecause of the increasing severity of the economic crisis and because the banks have been given billions of taxpayer dollars but still refuse to lend money, we in the Workers’ Emergency Recovery Campaign believe the question of nationalization should be thoroughly discussed and debated. Many prominent economists are arguing that the banks can only be saved if they are nationalized. But if they are nationalized, that step raises additional questions: Why should they return to private hands if the governmen’s expertise is required to save them?

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En Espanol: WERC

The WERC Call in Spanish.


Auto Crisis: The Nationalization Demand Is Gaining Ground

[Note: Jerry Tucker is a past International Executive Board member of the United Auto Workers' union (UAW). He is also a co-founder of the Center for Labor Renewal and is actively involved in organizing a national labor campaign for single-payer healthcare. The interview below is reprinted from Unity & Independence No. 13, February 2009.]
Question: What [...]

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Unions Vow Stepped-Up Pressure on Congress To Support Single-Payer Healthcare Reform

A report on the January meeting of Labor for Single-Payer Healthcare.

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Point 8 of the WERC Progam: Some background from the New Orleans/Gulf Coast Reconstruction Movement

An open challenge to President Barack Obama from leading organizations in the Black community — that is, from those who were so pivotal to his election.

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Point 9 of WERC Program: A resourse from the Welfare Warriors

1.7 million people in the United States now live with zero income in great part because of the deadly policies of TANF or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.

The Meaning of Obama’s Grand Bargain, John Richter

A response to David Brooks’ article, “The Politics of Cohesion” from the January 21, 2009 issue of The New York Times.