Join us on May 9 in San Francisco!

Bail Out Working People – NOT the Banks!
Join us on May 9 in San Francisco for a

Learn about what is happening in the labor movement and in our communities to fight for the interests of working people.
Help organize a mass mobilization around our demands, including:

- Massive job-creation program.
- Single-payer healthcare for all.
- Moratorium on home foreclosures and  evictions.
- Pass the Employee Free Choice Act.
- Tax the rich – don’t bail out the banks.
- Money for jobs and social services, not for war

Speakers to be announced.
The bankers have organized themselves and vigorously lobbied for bailouts. We, working people,  need to organize ourselves to demand policies in the interest of working people as whole.  The government should defend our interests, not the interests of the rich. After all, we are the              majority, and we had no part in creating this crisis.
Date & Time: May 9, 2009 – 1-5 p.m.
Place:  Plumbers Hall, 1621 Market St @ Gough St. San Francisco

Initiated by the San Francisco Labor Council, South Bay Labor Council, and Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign (www.wercampaign.org).

List of co-sponsors in formation (a planning meeting with Bay Area Labor and Community organizations will be held in early April)

(* this event was initially scheduled for April 25, but it has been moved to May 9 to allow for broader participation by Bay Area trade unions and their community allies. If you would like to participate in this meeting, please call 415-641-8616.)


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