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You Can’t Bail Out Wall Street AND Main Street at the Same Time!

[Note: The following talk was presented by Alan Benjamin to the May 9 Teach-In in San Francisco to "Bail Out Working People -- NOT the Banks!" Benjamin is a member of the Executive Committee of the San Francisco Labor Council and is a co-chair of the Council's Economic Crisis Committee. This talk was [...]


Message To May 9 Teach-In From Interim National Steering Committee Of The Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign (WERC) delivered by Bill Leumer

But while we are waging many separate battles, our economic misery stems from a single source: The very rich, who own the banks and the corporations, exert enormous power in Washington, far beyond what their small numbers warrant.


May 9 Teach-In Endorsers

Over 50 Greater San Francisco Labor, Community, and Activist Organizations Have Endorsed!
Complete List as of May 3, 2009
AFT Local 2121
ANSWER Coalition
Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace and Justice
Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists;
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center
Black&Brown Equitable Drug Policies Collective
California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee
Chinese Progressive Association
Code Pink
Council of Community Housing Organizations
Day Labor Program
Dolores Street Community [...]

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