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“Restructuring” the California State University System or Wrecking It?

For nearly a decade, CFA has criticized the CSU Chancellor and the Board of Trustees for their failure to fight for the system or to challenge the political status quo that is threatening its vitality and its very future. Instead, we have seen quiet acceptance of every cut and public assurances that the CSU can [...]


South Bay Labor Council Backs Solidarity Day III

The following resolution, presented by Plumbers and Fitters Local 393, was passed by unanimous vote at the South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council in San Jose, California on Monday 11/16/09.
National March on Washington for Jobs, Peace, Affordable Healthcare For All 
and Ending Foreclosures and Evictions
Whereas, despite the so-called economic recovery, the economic crisis for working people has [...]

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Blacks hit hard by economy’s punch
Blacks hit hard by economy’s punch
34.5 percent of young African American men are unemployed 
Unemployment skyrockets for young African Americans 
The nation’s rising unemployment has afflicted young African Americans at greater rates than any other socioeconomic group, reaching Great Depression proportions and accelerating a reversal of hard-won economic gains of the 1990s.
By V. Dion Haynes
Washington Post Staff [...]

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Report: Foreclosure Crisis Hits Blacks, Latinos

Report: Foreclosure Crisis Hits Blacks, LatinosBy THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
Published: November 17, 2009
Filed at 12:52 a.m. ET 
NEW YORK (AP) — Black and Latinos are at a disproportionate risk in the ongoing foreclosure crisis because they are more likely than whites to have higher-cost mortgage loans and face higher unemployment rates, a report says.
The report from the [...]

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