Solidarity Day III Update: Letter from WERC National Co-Conveners

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

We have good news. We have learned that there is a growing recognition among leading labor officials in the AFL-CIO that a massive mobilization in the streets of trade unionists and our allies will be necessary in order to ensure that the needs of working people, which have been exacerbated as a result of this devastating economic crisis, are addressed.

After having been run over by an economy driven by the recklessness and greed of the bankers, the labor movement is beginning to rise to its feet in order to put up a fight. We will take back the streets from the right-wing fringe with their minuscule tea parties, which the news media have ludicrously depicted as mass movements, in order to conclusively demonstrate that we in the labor movement represent the needs of the majority of working people in this country when we demand JOBS, PEACE and JUSTICE. Discussion is now under way about organizing a labor-led mass spring mobilization in Washington, D.C. and possibly in San Francisco as well.

The momentum is building. The WERC is receiving communications from trade unionists across the country, including the North Carolina statewide AFL-CIO, indicating they will be raising in their unions our draft WERC resolution, or one similar to it, that calls on the labor movement to organize a Solidarity Day III-type event. We are including below an updated list of endorsers of this resolution.

We encourage you, if you have not already done so, to set up a WERC committee in your area to bring together unionists and working people in order to help promote the campaign for a Solidarity Day III. Such a committee could encourage the passage of a resolution in their local unions in support of the campaign as well as organize educational forums analyzing the impact of the economic crisis on working people.

Finally, we would like to make our WERC web site a focal point of communication around this campaign. As resolutions in support of Solidarity Day III are passed and as we attract more endorsers, we will post these announcements on the site. We encourage you to check it regularly and send us any updates so that they may be immediately posted.

Alan Benjamin and Bill Leumer
National Co-conveners
Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign

Here is a progress report on endorsements received thus far for the WERC-initiated call for a labor-led mobilizing next spring in DC:

  1. San Francisco Labor Council
  2. South Bay Labor Council (San Jose, Calif.)
  3. AFT Local 1021 (Los Angeles)
  4. Executive Council, AFT Missouri
  5. California Peace and Freedom Party
  6. Harlem Tenants Council
  7. Harlem Antiwar Coalition
  8. Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace and Justice
  9. Ohio State Labor Party
  10. Railroad Workers United
  11. Painters and Dry Wall Workers Local  93 (Bay Area)
  12. Glen Ford (Black Agenda Report)
  13. Donna Smith, American SiCKO, American Patients United
  14. Harry Kelber (Labor Educator)
  15. Sharon Black (Bail Out the People Movement)
  16. Monadel Herzallah (Arab American Union Members Council)
  17. Andy Griggs (UTLA member)
  18. Don Bechler (chair, Single Payer Now!)
  19. Larry Duncan (Labor Beat-Chicago)
  20. Allan Fisher (AFT 2121)
  21. Fred Hirsch (South Bay Labor Council)
  22. Jerry Gordon (Ohio State Labor Party)
  23. Bill Balderston (Bay Area Labor Committee for Peace and Justice)

Model Resolution


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