Blacks hit hard by economy’s punch

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Blacks hit hard by economy’s punch
34.5 percent of young African American men are unemployed 
Unemployment skyrockets for young African Americans 
The nation’s rising unemployment has afflicted young African Americans at greater rates than any other socioeconomic group, reaching Great Depression proportions and accelerating a reversal of hard-won economic gains of the 1990s.
By V. Dion Haynes
Washington Post Staff [...]

SF Labor Council Endorses Solidarity Day III

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[The following resolution was adopted by the Delegates Meeting of the San Francisco Labor Council on Monday, November 23, 2009.]
For a Comprehensive Labor-Led Campaign for Economic Recovery, including a National March in the spring of 2010 in Washington, D.C. for Jobs, an End to the Wars and Occupations, Affordable Healthcare and Housing For All, [...]

NOW Opposes Health Care Bill

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NOW Opposes Health Care Bill That Strips Millions of Women of Abortion Access
Says Bill Obliterates Women’s Fundamental Right to Choose
Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill
The House of Representatives has dealt the worst blow to women’s fundamental right to self-determination in order to buy a few votes for reform of the profit-driven health insurance industry. We [...]

Reclaiming TARP, Reclaiming Public Housing

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The Land and Housing Action Group maintains that all of the properties purchased with public funds via the TARP program constitute public goods that must be utilized to fulfill a public need. To be more direct, we maintain that these homes are now in fact public housing, and that they must be used as such to fulfill the US government’s human rights obligation to provide adequate housing to all the citizens and residents under its jurisdiction.

Michael Moore Blasts Healthcare Bill

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Michael Moore Blasts House Healthcare Bill

Six Smart Progressive Complaints About House Health ...

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By John Nichols
The Affordable Health Care for America Act was approved by the U.S. House Saturday night with overwhelming support from progressive Democrats who serve in the chamber and from a president who was nominated and elected with the enthusiastic support of progressive voters.
But that does not mean that informed and engaged progressives are [...]